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Over 160+ digital learning lessons on ‘essential leadership’ skills to drive on the job performance.


We’re on a mission to deliver online training and development that’s useful and powerful.


Learner Centric

You’re at the centre of our Universe. Your time is priceless, so our lessons are short and to the point.

On Demand

Digital learning available anytime and on demand, ‘just in time’ for that learning need or action in the workplace.


Take control of your development with action focused digital learning. Achieve consistent habits and skills for success!

70-20-10 Geared

Ideal for 70-20-10 style of training with added supporting documents and blueprints for success.


Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic content to increase retention and recall abilities for all styles of learners.

Results Driven

We focus on the important practical skills to get you where you want to be, effectively and efficiently.

Any Device

You can choose to learn on any device… Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone! Whenever and wherever you have internet.

Millennial Friendly

Get social, collaborate with other online learners. Share, discover and experience all Evology courses offer.


Get help and support from our experienced Evology experts along the way. Book coaching sessions or LIVE chat!

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